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Helping you bring specialist food products to the UK market

Our business started in 2010 simply through our sheer love of food and international culture.

Through many trips abroad we met wonderful people who introduced us to food we’ve never experienced before: new flavours, new ways of cooking, culinary traditions and know-hows.

Wanting to recreate that specific taste once back home, we roamed supermarkets, delicatessen and speciality shops to only come to the conclusion that these products were not available in the UK or not at the expected quality.

We asked ourselves: “Why?”

So we contacted these companies and put the question to them directly: “Why don’t you sell your products in the UK?”

Their answers couldn’t have been more straightforward:

“We don’t have an office or a sales force in the UK…”
“It’s a huge investment…”
“We don’t know the UK Market…”
“We don’t know how to approach the retailers.”

And so on and so forth. So this is how Graafland Trading came to be.

We predominantly work with European businesses and specialise in introducing and developing foreign brands in the UK market.

Our expertise lies in various products categories and various types of customers, but with a penchant for the food industry.

We regularly travel around the European continent in quest of the next amazing product that the UK market has yet to discover.

We work with small to large size companies and help them achieve their UK goals.

Looking to export to the UK?

If you have a specialist food product that you are you looking to export to the UK market, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you realise your goals.

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